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Tartan Design Service

Bespoke tartan designs  - offering everything from design to finish
We hve a varity of tartan courses hosted on - please book or contact me for a quote if you are a registered charity

Tartan Design and Registration 

The studio offers a full tartan design & registration service, sourcing of manufacturer of mill-woven tartan, our prices are competitive with the current market. for further information, please contact me
The studio can design a tartan or help you finalise your designs; we also offer a service included in the price to source a suitable manufacturer for your tartan - from cloth to kilts - we can help you design a tartan just for you. from personal commissions to commercial - we are here to help. Included in the price we design tartans that you can use not only in cloth form but digital too? from logos to graphics the studio can integrate your design into a fantastic looking brand image that is just for you.
Tartan Design
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Tartan Design

Full Tartan Design and Bespoke Hand-Woven Weaving Service

We design & weave tartan as bespoke as the customer requires - please contact me for a quote. 
Offering a unique bespoke tartan design service - our bespoke hand-woven tartan is made in a studio in the rural Perthshire, Blairgowrie. We weave tartan setts that are perfect for those unique projects. width of tartans starts from 5 inches through to 30 inches – Due to the bespoke nature of our work we can only make scarves, wraps, small lap blankets & cushions to order – because of this distinctive tartan width and design service we only specialize in narrow width tartans setts – we can source tartan manufacture for kilt weight fabric or larger mill-woven cloth
The studio also offers:
  •  Demonstrations 
  •  Day classes or a weekly run course from design to finish.
  •  Tartan parties
Tartan Design
Tartan Design

Tartans Design Process

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